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The Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is done with cleaning her shotgun
Photo by Photo Bandit Elsa Gabo

The Fashion Bandit


Benedikte St.Pierre



Photographer Adam Den Haene for The Fashion Bandits
Photo Bandit Adam Den Haene – by Adam himself.

Photo Bandits


Adam Den Haene

Kristian Jøraandstad

Elsa Gabo

Kjetil Janson

Santina Crolla

Brian Kndeneh


The Fashion Bandit's Arctic Bandit Sindre Solvin
Arctic Bandit Sindre Solvin. Photo by Arctic Photo Bandit Kjetil Janson

Model Bandits


Sindre Solvin

Nicholas Sørensen

Nail Design Bandit Kätlin Kass



Fretex LogoFretex Norge – supplier of fab second-hand clothes

The Fashion Bandit is proud to present Fretex Norge as Contributing Bandits! 

The Fashion Bandit is a great fan of Fretex. Fretex is the largest second-hand chain store in Norway and is also the largest collector of used clothes and textiles in Norway. So not only do they have fab second-hand clothes for The Fashion Bandit to create Bandit outfits from, but The Fashion Bandit loves the way they are making us all aware of what a great environmental impact wearing second-hand has too! And their work on redesign over the past few years! Yu-huuu! It’s simply faaaaab! If The Fashion Bandit could sew she would redesign too. Unfortunately she can’t, so she has to make do with just putting clothes together the way she think best.

But there’s a lot more to Fretex. Maybe even more important then the fab clothes. It’s the way they see people. Their philosophy. Fretex is all about inclusion; about tolerance and respect, and about allowing people to be themselves and to express who they are. Sounds familiar? Yup! The Fashion Bandit’s own views! So The Fashion Bandit is sooo proud to be supported by Fretex.

So! Read more about Fretex’ and fashion and be inspired! (Only in Norwegian, unfortunately…)


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