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TV Presenter. Fashion Art Director. Stylist. Visual Designer.  

When you hire The Fashion Bandit, whether as a TV presenter, art director, stylist or visual designer, you can expect passion and enthusiasm, colours and sparks, bubbles and playfulness; surprising and sideway perspectives and humorous angles, and a passion for intelligent content. This is who I am and what I create – and want to share with the world.

Art Direction and Styling  – Fashion

As an art director in fashion I will assist you in finding the right visual expression to carry your message for anything from your brand’s profile and campaign, to separate fashion photographs right down to composition. Once we have agreed upon ideas, I will take care of anything from location, outfits, props and photographer, as well as directing at the shoot. 

As a stylist I select the clothing and accessories for editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances – or on a one-to-one basis for individuals.

You may hire me as an art director and stylist combined or in separate capacities.
The Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is vigorously cleaning her shotgun...
Photo by Photo Bandit Elsa Gabo



These are some of The Fashion Bandit’s clients:
Zu4’r Sportswear – social media/digital brand photo campaign –
Kepaza by Pernille Fristad – social media/digital brand photo campaign –
Håvarstein – social media/digital brand photo campaign
Kaja Gjedebo Design – social media/digital brand photo campaign –
Sebastien Bruno Chocolatiers – social media/digital photo campaign
Norges varemesse – Sjøen for alle – “Alexx Alexxander og Pop-piratene – The Water Musical” – styling for musical –

the Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre in very bright colours
Photo by Elsa Gabo. Art direction/design/styling/model: Benedikte Saint-Pierre


Visual Design

Despite the name of The Fashion Bandit, my services in art direction do not by any means limit themselves to fashion only. As a graphic/visual designer I may help you find the right visual expression for anything from your business’ or brand’s whole visual identity, a campaign, a brochure, a card or right down to the specific composition of a single photograph, and direction at photo shoots.


The Chocolate race is on with The Fashion Bandits Benedikte St.Pierre
Photo by Photo Bandit Kristian Jøraandstad


TV Presenter

No need to say the same things in several places! Therefore, please read about The Fashion Bandit for a full description and work samples as a TV presenter.


The Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is enjoying a soak in the wheelbarrow...
Photo by Photo Bandit Santina Crolla


The Photographers

All the “Photo Bandit” photographers work individually. They each have their own field of specialisation, from wedding and baby photography via fashion to sports photography.

Read about each of the Photo Bandits and see their work for The Fashion Bandit in their separate Galleries. Here you will find links to their own websites, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


A very bright and colourful Fashion Bandit / Benedikte St.Pierre
Photo by Photo Bandit Elsa Gabo

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