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Photo Bandit Antara Roychowdhury

Antara, a lovely Indian now living in Norway, is the newest member of The Photo Bandits. Originally a graduate from finance, she decided to chuck the numbers and see the world through a camera lense instead – and happy are we for that. So in addition to studying photography in India, she simply flew over to Australia – and hey presto! A diploma in photography was hers. After hard work, of course. 😉 She specialises in portrait-, fashion-, street-, and commercial photography. And when she’s not snapping away? She sings! As a hobby! So when are we going to hear her..? She also likes spending time with her little daughter and watch thriller movies – hopefully not at the same time.

Antaras Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Antaras gallery for The Fashion Bandit

Arctic Photo Bandit Kjetil Janson


The Fashion Bandits Photo Bandit Kjetil Janson


As Arctic Bandit Sindre Solvin was recruited from the terribly northern town of Narvik, Norway, we needed an Arctic Photo Bandit to complete the Arctic Division – and Kjetil was the obvious choice. Kjetil is one of those strange (at least in the eyes of The Fashion Bandit) people who actually likes cold weather and snow – and the colder and the more snow the better. He loves everything involving high speed and action – no wonder he works as an ambulance driver when he’s not snapping action shots somewhere. And when is he the most happy shooting? When the models are rather (or perhaps very much) mad and up for crazy ideas. So we can all agree he’s done the right thing in joining the Bandits, for which we are delighted!


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Kjetil’s The Fashion Bandits Gallery

Photo by Kjetil himself.

Photo Bandit Elsa Gabo


The Fashion Bandits' Photo Bandit Elsa Gabo.


Elsa’s great passion in life is photography.  A master snapper of happy brides and grooms, and a wizard at making even little monster children look like angels and vice versa, she also loves doing everything you’re NOT supposed to do in photography – a real Photo Bandit, in other words. And when shooting The Fashion Bandits? Well – you can’t miss her chuckles and laughs as she inspects all the crazy shots as they accumulate on her memory card, so we suppose she’s enjoying herself as much as we do.

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Elsa’s The Fashion Bandits Gallery

Photo Bandit Adam Den Haene


Photographer Adam Den Haene for The Fashion Bandits


TFB are extremely proud to count Adam as one of our Photo Bandits. A highly experienced and noted international fashion and art photographer, he has published several books and his works are found in many a gallery, both in Norway and abroad. So what is photography all about for Adam? “The Visual Arts for me are about telling a story, expressing Emotion and Fantasy. All mediums are valid playing fields for these expressions, from photo/video to technology, sculpture and sound. Skills can quickly be adapted in today’s emerging world, and pure concepts are king. Experience, observation… patience and purge.” Now are we happy or are we happy to have such an artist on board?! Whoa! now go check out more of his works:

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Adam’s The Fashion Bandits Gallery

Above photo by Adam himself.

Photo Bandit Kristian Jøraandstad


Kristian has a very special place in the hearts of all the Bandits. He was the very first to photograph the Fashion Bandits when Head Bandit decided it was about time to get this thing going. Indeed – without Kristian there would never have been any Fashion Bandits! As a photographer Kristian is devoted to fashion. In all his work he creatively experiments with a variety of photographic expressions. He specializes in photographs with a clear edge and portraits beyond the regular. So Kristian does absolutely stunning work all the time – don’t miss it! Go see! Now! Yes! Noooow!


Kristian’s The Fashion Bandits Gallery