Month: August 2017

How to pose with ease on the red carpet…

It’s fashion week time all over the world these coming weeks, which involves a lot of posing for all fashionistas. Now – no one wants to look wooden and uncomfortable in front of all those flashing cameras, so how to relax and be comfortable on the red carpet if it’s your first time? Well – learn from the highly experienced Fashion Bandit! 😀 Only… if you want the 100% blasé look of the fashion world, I’m afraid you’ll have to sort that one out yourself – or even better: consult the Fashion Police! 😀 😀

The fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is posing with ease on the red carpet
Photo by Photo Bandit Antara Roychowdhury. Styling and design by Benedikte St.Pierre

Sunglasses from Norwegian designer brand Mokki. Jacket and shorts: H&M. Running belt by Adidas. Star Wars bag by The Fashion Bandit.

Now you see me, now you don’t…

Into the land of fairies we go! Let’s just face it: The Fashion Bandit will never grow up. And HURRAAAAH for that! 😀

the Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre in very bright colours
Photo by Elsa Gabo. Art direction/design/styling/model: Benedikte St.Pierre

Fabulous nails by Nail Bandit Kätlin Kass.  Rings by Kaja Gjedebo Design. Bracelets by Joyce Francis.

Too sweet for words…

If there’s one thing I cannot resist (oh, but there are many more! 😉 ) – it’s playing upon clichés. And in this photo there should be enough to keep anyone going for a while! 😀 😉

The Fasion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is sweetly licking an ice cream lolly...
Photo by Elsa Gabo. AD, stylist & model: Benedikte St.Pierre

Dress from Fretex. Earpieces and ring by Norwegian designer Kaja Gjedebo. Bracelets by Joyce Francis.
Nails and nail art by Nail Bandit Kätlin Kass.

Photo Bandit Antara Roychowdhury

Antara, a lovely Indian now living in Norway, is the newest member of The Photo Bandits. Originally a graduate from finance, she decided to chuck the numbers and see the world through a camera lense instead – and happy are we for that. So in addition to studying photography in India, she simply flew over to Australia – and hey presto! A diploma in photography was hers. After hard work, of course. 😉 She specialises in portrait-, fashion-, street-, and commercial photography. And when she’s not snapping away? She sings! As a hobby! So when are we going to hear her..? She also likes spending time with her little daughter and watch thriller movies – hopefully not at the same time.

Antaras Instagram and Facebook accounts.
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