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The Miracle Diet

January, a new year, new resolutions, detox…all combined: here’s the 100% failproof solution!


The Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is eating ice cubes as a healthy diet.
Photo by Antara Roychowdhury. Styling/design by Benedikte St.Pierre

Nails by Kätlin Kass. Sunglasses from Norwegian Mokki. Jacket from Bikbok.

Now you see me, now you don’t…

Into the land of fairies we go! Let’s just face it: The Fashion Bandit will never grow up. And HURRAAAAH for that! 😀

the Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre in very bright colours
Photo by Elsa Gabo. Art direction/design/styling/model: Benedikte St.Pierre

Fabulous nails by Nail Bandit Kätlin Kass.  Rings by Kaja Gjedebo Design. Bracelets by Joyce Francis.

No more dull Mondays!

The Fashion Bandit reckoned it was time to make a stand against beige, baby pink and other pastel colours. I think she’s nailed it. 😉


A very bright and colourful Fashion Bandit / Benedikte St.Pierre
Photo by Photo Bandit Elsa Gabo