A rather black day after London Fashion Week

The Fashion Bandit went to London Fashion Week and had an absolutely wonnnnderful time. Fantastic shows with brilliant and inspiring design and not least innovative street fashion everywhere – and it was fun to experience how Londoners and particularly the photographers seemed to love The Fashion Bandit’s style: they came running, demanded poses and snapped away left right and centre. It always feels great to be appreciated, doesn’t it? 😀

So now the party’s over and it’s back to normal – hence the slightly black mood… 😉

This photo is by the newest member of the Photo Bandits; the talented Antara Roychowdhury , originally from India, but now resident in Norway. Expect more great stuff from Antara! 😀

The Fashion Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre is in a black mood...
Photo by Antara Roychowdhury