No snow? Go waterskiing!

If there’s no snow where you are – don’t be too down. Just use your imagination and have some fun! 😀

The Fashion Bandits are skiing in a bathtub

The Fashion Bandits Benedikte St.Pierre and Sindre Solvin are waiting for snow to go skiing - on the toilet


Question is easy…WHERE IS THAT BLOODY SNOW????!!!

Sindre: Pants: Norrøna. Top: Nike. Hat/beanie: Norrøna. Goggles: Salomon. Skis: Völkl.

Benedikte: Top: Stormberg. Stockings: Kari Traa. Gloves: Nike. Watch: Polar. Skis:Völkl. Shoes: Shimano.

A big thank you to Intersport Narvik for lending us clothes! 😀


Photo by Arctic Photo Bandit Kjetil Janson