Creative Director & Head Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre

The Fashion Bandits ' Founder, Creative Director and Head Bandit Benedikte St.Pierre


Diva Bandit! Grand Master! Founder and Enthusiastic Nonsense Fashion Bandit! Reformed Over Serious Academic!

Benedikte St.Pierre is the mastermind of The Fashion Bandits – and loving it. Having discovered at 19 that following the academic career staked out for her was actually extremely boring, she made a complete U-turn and trained as an actress in London – and all of a sudden life was really worth living.

Acting, TV and design

After years of acting she moved into the realm of TV as a TV presenter – which is mostly where she is at the moment. But with a lifelong interest in glorious paper, handwriting, calligraphy and graphic design, she studied Mac design and threw in a bit of web design for good measure.



But as for fashion! Well! Having “suffered” all through childhood by not being allowed to wear the rococo dresses she really felt like wearing, and then, scared off by bad experience, not quite having the courage to face further sneers from her peers by wearing what she really wanted to wear, that all changed in London. Just as with the acting, wearing the maddest of street fashion (and hair) made life really worth living. Unfortunately, as she moved back to Norway, where she is currently living, her courage sank again, and her style was seriously moderated. What a shame.


TFB – wear what you like.

Luckily she pulled herself together and finally, amongst other things, got this site up and running as a start – and hopefully as an inspiration to others to just have more fun with clothes. Go mad or go moderate, it doesn’t matter as long as YOU WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE! And the rest of her philosophy is beautifully stated in the Bandit Fashion Statement.

And for those who want to know more or see the Head Bandit on TV go to:


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