Arctic Photo Bandit Kjetil Janson


The Fashion Bandits Photo Bandit Kjetil Janson


As Arctic Bandit Sindre Solvin was recruited from the terribly northern town of Narvik, Norway, we needed an Arctic Photo Bandit to complete the Arctic Division – and Kjetil was the obvious choice. Kjetil is one of those strange (at least in the eyes of The Fashion Bandit) people who actually likes cold weather and snow – and the colder and the more snow the better. He loves everything involving high speed and action – no wonder he works as an ambulance driver when he’s not snapping action shots somewhere. And when is he the most happy shooting? When the models are rather (or perhaps very much) mad and up for crazy ideas. So we can all agree he’s done the right thing in joining the Bandits, for which we are delighted!


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Photo by Kjetil himself.