Model Bandit Nicholas Sørensen


Portrait of Model Bandit Nicholas Sørensen of The Fashion Bandits


Nicholas is The Fashion Bandits’ Swedish member. Nicholas has, like so many of his young countrymen, invaded Oslo, but you might just as easily bump into him somewhere else in the world, as he’s very fond of travelling. On Bandit shoots Nicholas, with his stoic calm, takes everything in his stride, and looks at The Fashion Bandit’s enthusiasm and excitement with a calm, perhaps sometimes even puzzled smile, and then takes his directions with dignified grace. To The Fashion Bandit’s great envy, Nicholas manages to look simply smashing from every possible angle, (which certainly does not apply to her), but forgives him as he’s such a darling, and is so happy to have hime as part of the team.

Photo by Photo Bandit Adam Den Haene