The Flying Bandit Alf-Ole Føre

Photos by Photo Bandits Elsa Gabo and Kjetil Janson


Just like The Arctic Bandit Sindre Solvin, The Flying Bandit Alf-Ole “Alfie” Føre was introduced (indeed by the very same Sindre Solvin) to The Fashion Bandit because of his absolutely fab sense of humour – and – just like Sindre – his exceptionally good looks. Of course. Having discovered Alfie was just as mad as the rest of the gang, and of an exceptionally cheerful disposition, The Fashion Bandit immediately included him in The Fashion Bandit’s Crew, and named him The Flying Bandit.

Because fly is exactly what Alfie does. Well, he doesn’t just fly. He loooooves flying. Flying is his life! And we’re not talking flying regular planes. We’re talking planes with doors that open and from which people like The Flying Bandit simply, madly (to us common mortals) jump out from – in wingsuits. In other words: He’s a skydiver and a base jumper.

Alfie is from the North of Norway, but now lives in Oslo, partly because it´s closer to blue skies. When not jumping or flying, Alf-Ole is a thoroughly dedicated entrepreneur so busy building his own company he – at least as it appears to The Fashion Bandit – doesn’t seem to have time for anything else.  Luckily he does find time to appear in The Bandit photos though, and as for the entertainment value of his participation: have no fear, people – The Flying Bandit has so far passed all tests with flying colours – and is more than likely to continue doing so. Quite literally.

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